On what to spend your wedding budget

ON WHAT TO SPEND YOUR WEDDING BUDGETAccording to bridal experts, the average cost for a wedding is a little bit more than 30,000 dollars. Getting married is one of the most important events in our lives, for most of us at least. Budgeting and planning such a moment in your life can quickly become overwhelming especially if you are on a tight budget. Between the wedding vendors and everyone else’s expectations your wedding cost can skyrocket.

What you must not forget is the reason why you have a wedding in the first place. It’s not to make the industry tons of money nor to rise to everyone’s expectation of how our wedding should be like. You are there to celebrate love and the start of a happy and fulfilled family.

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DIY abstract painting

DIY abstract paintingNot too long ago I proposed myself to fill up all the empty walls in my house. I started some research on the World Wide Web on painting techniques and looking for some inspiration.

I had a lot of fun creating some of the paintings that I have done since, also had some headaches with a couple of them. I just didn’t like the way they turned out.

One of my first paintings was a set of 4 canvases that I planned on hanging in our living room, but was initially hung in our family room, now resides in the man cave/office and we have plans to move it again.

Applying different techniques that I found online, some experimentation, and lots of fun led to this end result.

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Save hundreds of dollars cutting your own hair

Cut your own hair and save money 2I always had long hair and I can honestly tell you that I can count the times I have been to a hair salon.  Ever since I was a little girl my mom used to cut my hair. Granted it is way easier to cut your own hair if it’s long.

It has been a time, around two years ago when I went to the salon every 2 months, but I gave up when I realized that there is not such a big difference on how my hair looked like then and when I was cutting it myself.

My mom was only trimming it, nothing fancy, no layers, no bangs, so there was not too much room for failure. Do not think that I have not experienced any kind of awful hair chopping. When I was in grade eight I cut my hair for the first time, and wanted to have bangs, so I made sure I had. In the back, my hair was not bad but you do not want to know how my bangs looked like (just an FYI, I have curly hair). In time, I got better and better at it and I don’t even need a lot of time now.

Paying $45 per visit, plus gas and at least an hour and a half of my time I considered is not a good investment of my time and money. Now we are saving $270 per year just from my haircuts without adding the gas and wear and tear of the car. On top of that I also save some time, it only takes me 15 minutes to cut my hair.

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We painted our sofa and saved our friends 2000$

DIY painting leather sofa

When we moved from the one bedroom apartment into our home we had very little furniture and as we started buying furniture we kept moving our old stuff around, so our free old green couches ended up in my husband’s office.

We found them on Craigslist when we moved into our rental, they were old and ugly, and the sofa had some cuts into the cushions. In the apartment, I mostly kept the sofas covered with blankets so we cannot see how horrible they looked thing that I stopped doing once we moved into our home.

After he got sick and tired of looking at those ugly sofas, one day my hubby came to me and said “I’m painting those sofas, I can’t stand them one more second like this”. I might have suggested to just get rid of them but he wasn’t too keen to the idea, and I am glad he wasn’t. He started some research on the internet, he narrowed it to a couple of options and after a couple of hours (yes I meant hours) of reading reviews he decided on something pretty awesome I would say.

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Journey of our lives

Jurney of our livesAround seven years ago (OMG it’s already been that long??) I met my hubby; we got along pretty well as friends for a couple of months and then when our relationship started to take a different turn, he moved. He didn’t just moved to a different city or across the country, nooo… he moved all the way across the ocean.

Yes, you got me right, he moved to a totally different continent. Two years and a long distance relationship away I also left the old continent and moved with him.

Was that a crazy and risky move? Yep, I would say so.

Even more so that neither one of us had a secure job when we moved, we both left our families and friends behind and we only had whatever fit in two suitcases and a carry-on luggage. Do not think that we had a big fat savings account, we came with a few thousand dollars and that was it.

So here we are, almost 30 years old having almost nothing besides our hopes, starting a new life from scratch.  I won’t say it was neither easy nor hard all the way, we had our moments, but five years passed by and we accomplished more than we could have hoped for. We have steady jobs in the same field we finished our studies in back home, a nice home and the start of a wonderful family.

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Easy DIY vase gold leaf upcycle

DIY gold leaf vasesI was hoping to be able to have my own space for an office, but it might not happen, so I am planning a tricky makeover of my hubby’s office and he doesn’t even know it yet, maybe I’ll just surprise him.

There is enough space for both of us in there; the tricky part will be combining different styles. He has a classic Villa Toscana desk in the office and I will need to decorate the room keeping that in mind. I would like something more simple, modern and feminine.

I am planning on having a lot off shelving in there so I need tons of accessories to fill them. I want to stick with a minimum budget (as close to zero dollars as possible) on all the decor, and to make sure I will be able to do that I started looking around the house to see what I have hidden away and I can upcycle and use to decorate the shelves.

During my quest I found, tucked in the back of a closet, 2 dollar store vases that I bought back when we lived in the apartment. These will make some nice decorating accessories but not in the state that they were.

After some TLC and paint, they were transformed from this….

Upcycled vases

To this…

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We cut the cable and have no regrets

cut the cableYes, I am one of those who think that TV Cable is overrated and especially OVERPRICED.

Many may not agree with me on cable being overrated, but if you are like us and spend less than 4 hours (maybe even less) per week watching TV shows you will agree with me. We do not spend too much time in front of the TV watching shows or sports, but we love movies, that’s why we still have a TV. My hubby is an avid movie lover, actually we were going to the movie theater once a week before we had our bumblebee.

Cable bills

Unfortunately research companies show that the there are no high hopes for us to go back on cable too soon, because the cable bills are not going down, but on the contrary, they are saying that will go up.

We were paying 150$ per month and sometimes even more because we were passing our internet limit and all the other hidden fees.

My significant other got mad that every month there were extra fees added to our bill.

We cut the cable around 2 years ago and we do not regret it one bit. Our cable package had basic TV channels, limited internet and landline from which we mostly used the internet off course, we had a cell phone and we barely received a phone call every two weeks on our home phone (waste of money).

Hubby put to work his research skills and found a company that provides unlimited internet in our area. Our limited internet was 60$, and we pay the same amount now for high speed, unlimited internet.

Since cutting the cord, we saved around 1000$ per year.

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DIY textured painting

DIY abstract paintingFor more than two years, all the walls in our house stood empty, and they were BIG empty walls (we still have a few empty ones). I looked for artwork all this time, in all the stores I walked in, and all around the web and I ended up with one painting/print (on big sale kind of painting).

All the paintings that I loved were not loved in any way by my budget. Not that I do not think that the time and work that the artists are investing into their art is not worth, I just need to direct my money towards other things right now.

So what’s a girl to do when she keeps staring at those big empty walls while her hubby is on a business trip and bumblebee is asleep?

She starts researching, bookmarking, pins hundreds of pages and two days later comes up with this:

DIY abstract painting

Now I have an original painting hanging on my wall and it was an affordable one also. You can find paintings this size starting at 80$ and up, maybe looking a little bit better but how cares it’s called abstract art so it can look however you like it.

The overall cost was: – 10$

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How we furnished our apartment with 100$

We furnished our apartment with 100$Four years ago we moved from one coast to the other. We packed our things, that weren’t that many (they fit into our bedroom closet), and moved to the other coast to live in our friend’s basement for a couple of months.

The day we moved in our rented apartment we had only our clothes, some other essentials and an office chair (received from friends) we needed a lot of other stuff. We didn’t even have a table to eat on.

That was an EASY move!

Others junks became my treasures

We had a few days for cleaning up the place and painting the living room which had electric-blue colored walls and neon-yellow as an accent color.  Those colors gave me a headache the minute I stepped inside the apartment.

While cleaning, I found in one of the closets an iron bed frame and a mattress on the balcony. I checked with our landlord and he said it was left behind by the previous tenant and that she was a nice and clean lady. After some deliberation with my significant other and myself, the mattress received a very detailed inspection and an intensive cleaning.

Once we knew the moving day we told all our new friends that if they have something that they are planning on getting rid of we will take it.

 A couple of generous friends (we just met them a couple of months before) gave us a coffee table and some old horrible looking plastic chairs the day we moved.

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This is it! I’m doing it!

welcomeI’ve been waiting for a while now to kick off my blog. I hoped that I will find the perfect strategy for writing my first over the moon, awesome blog post, and days after days I read tons of first posts and articles on how to write my first post.  I decided to just do it or I will get caught in the intricate and sticky webs and find excuse after excuse to delay writing and publishing my first post.

In the end, we all know that the real reason why I procrastinate is the fear of the unknown, of changes and fear of people’s reaction to what I will be posting on my blog. In other words, fear of failure.

So here I am, writing my first post.

What I really want to tell you is WELCOME!

First I welcome and thank you for visiting my blog (not that you would have a lot to see, this is my first blog post EVER), and second I welcome myself into this big and not that known (to me) world of blogging.

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